Category: Creative Pact 2015

CP2015: Day 2 – Seconds, fifths and instruments

Tonight’s CP time has once again been somewhat absorbed by other pieces, and was also scuppered by a non-sleeping little boy. I try to be kind to my neighbours and not play loud instruments past 9pm (earlier if I can), which meant I couldn’t do much improvising or general playing tonight. I did, however, manage…
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CP2015: Day 1 – Scribbles for strings

September 1st – away we go! Tonight I’ve had to spend time tidying up a couple of scores, but beforehand I set aside a chunk of time to start working on my Creative Pact project. After seeing a stunning rainbow broken up by a willow earlier today, I expected the majority of my scribblings tonight…
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Creative Pact 2015: The idea

A few years ago (2011!) I took part in CreativePact – documenting the creation of new work over the course of a month. The aim is to document every day if possible. This year, I’ve decided to take part, but with a different slant to before. When I last took part in CreativePact, finding time…
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