Month: March 2011

Circles for chamber orchestra

A while ago I posted my programme notes for Circles. A work for chamber orchestra (two oboes, bassoon, two horns, strings), The basic structure of the piece is based upon one I have used in several pieces over the last few years. Fundamentally, these consist of an A and B section, which alternate, and grow…
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Summer Rain – a final few notes

A couple of weeks ago, I posted some notes about Summer Rain – a semi-structured piece I had almost finished. True to my word, here are my final notes! Layout One of the first key problems with this score that I picked up on as I was writing the post, was that of layout. My…
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The Javanese influence

Composers are often asked about what in particular influences their work. I find this a particularly troublesome question. So many things have undoubtedly had a huge influence on who and what I am musically, and on my developing compositional voice – from jams in music departments of schools I went to, to school ensembles, to…
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The structuring of a semi-structured piece

When I told my marimba player (the person for whom this piece is written) about the nature of Summer Rain, she said “Ah, that’s what we call composers being lazy!”. Thinking about it, I both agree and disagree with that statement. After all, the semi structured nature of this solo work for marimba emerged for…
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After D: What about the other keys?

My last post was all about D major and D minor – and why, out of the most popular keys, it appeared to be the most popular of all (see my survey results post for the results of my key signature survey). D had EQ frequency ratios closest to those of JI for the perfect…
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