A few years ago (2011!) I took part in CreativePact – documenting the creation of new work over the course of a month. The aim is to document every day if possible.

This year, I’ve decided to take part, but with a different slant to before. When I last took part in CreativePact, finding time to write every day was a challenge in itself. However, now I have two children the evening is when I do the majority of my writing, and I spend a good couple of hours every evening notating the ideas I’ve had running through my head all day. I’ve got into a good routine, and it’s rare I miss an evening.

So if I normally work every evening, how will I make this CreativePact different? Over the next month, I want to spend some time dabbling. I want to listen to music, look at art, and scribble lots. I want to think about who I am as a composer. What will my creative output be? This one’s more tricky, as the aim is not to be working on any huge pieces, but to experiment and dabble and dip in and out of things. Instead of working on one piece, I want to create lots of mini sketches- each only for solo instruments (potentially with accompaniment). They may just be a few bars, and they may not be complete, but the idea is to end up with lots of very different ideas – some I love, some I might not love so much – with varied sources of inspiration. Hopefully some of them will be seeds that will end up growing into full pieces (potentially after the CreativePact is over).


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