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Écoutez to be premiered by Bloomsbury Band on 21st May

Écoutez, commissioned by the Bloomsbury Band as part of their 10th anniversary celebrations, will be premiered at their concert at Lumen URC on Saturday 21st May. The piece was commissioned a couple of years ago, and performance delayed due to the madness of the world – it’s wonderful that their anniversary celebrations can now go…
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Six Elinor Wylie settings now available

My collection of Six Elinor Wylie settings is now available! As well as the popular Bells in the Rain, this collection includes Phases of the Moon, You Are, Incantation, Silver Filigree and Sunset on the Spire, all set for mezzo soprano and piano. Six Elinor Wylie settings is available to purchase as a digital PDF…
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Deception Island – an immersive poetry installation

I’m very excited to be working on the sound design for Deception Island – an immersive poetry installation set inside a replica Antarctic hut, presented by Story Machine and Elizabeth Lewis Williams. The project will premiere in October at Norwich Science Festival. For more information head to Story Machine’s website.

Musical Distancing available via Payhip

Musical Distancing, written for Duncan Honeybourne’s Contemporary Piano Soundbites project in 2020, is now available to purchase as a digital PDF via Payhip. Musical distancing was written as a musical response to social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic. Throughout this piece, notes maintain a minimum distance of a perfect fourth apart – whether they’re consecutive…
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Moto Repetitivo (piano) now available on Payhip

Having being premiered in 2018, this catchy piano piece is now available to purchase on Payhip. No recording is available just yet (none were made at performances), so a preview page is available on Payhip. Recording coming soon! Moto Repetitivo – ‘repetitive motion’ – is a fast three minute workout for the fingers. The piece…
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