Month: September 2012

Scenes from a Train – Larghetto cantabile

The final movement from Scenes from a Train features a cantabile melody alongside snippets from the other two movements. This movement was the one that spontaneously popped into my head whilst looking out of the train window, and begged to be written. The movement begins with the melody on clarinet, at full pelt, and a…
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Scenes from a Train: Andante

In some pieces, this second movement would be termed a rondo. In this work, however, it’s definitely more of an episodic movement. There is an A section, reflecting the gentle movement of the train and the houses flashing past, which develops and becomes more complex as the scenes change outside. In between, there are short…
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Reinvention: Scenes from a Train: Andantino con moto

Revisiting old work is something every professional does at various points in their career. In this case, I was asked to reinvent the clarinet sonata – completed for my Creative Pact last September – for clarinet and string quartet (see the previous link for full details about how it came into being). In this series…
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