Month: July 2010

Finding a contemporary medium

The contemporary music scene is a strange, scary place – especially for young composers to break into. If you mention the concept of ‘contemporary classical music’ to non-musicians or concert goers, it will often be greeted with uncertain gazes, non-committing murmurs, or instant dismissal. When it comes to programming, music venues seem to take these…
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Shameless promotion

I am currently in the midst of data analysis for a research project. The results are looking fascinating – expect a post about them soon! – but the whole process has scuppered my chances at composition over the past week. I have had the chance to begin my clarinet multi-tempi piece and a marimba piece……
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Time to reflect

On Friday, I had my final MMus composition recital. The same recital, incidentally, which has been the reason for my blogging absence over the past few weeks. The final recital on Friday afternoon, entitled ‘Fragments of Java’, was full of a variety of music for different instrumentation, including orchestra, harp trio and violin and electronics…
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