Month: February 2011

There’s something about D major/minor..

A couple of weeks ago, I posted my survey results about key signatures, sharps and flats. The data drew me to the conclusion that there’s something special about both D major and minor that draws us to them. Armed with this theory, I sought to investigate. For a long time, I’ve suspected that the reason…
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Some structural thoughts

Thank you for the interesting thoughts on my sharps and flats research. I am currently in the midst of the next phase: trying to work out why D major and minor (and D dorian?) are the most popular scales. Hopefully it won’t be too long until I share more of my thoughts and findings with…
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Sharps and flats; Survey results

A brief introduction Musicians encounter key signatures constantly, yet it’s a staple of music that we rarely think much of, over and above the accidentals we must remember throughout the piece in question. We take them for granted, and each tend to gravitate towards certain keys in our various musicals roles. I’ve had many discussions…
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Questionnaire: Sharps or flats

After my previous blog post, I’ve had several discussions with people about their favourite keys and scales – and the differences between pieces when presented in different scales. I therefore thought it would be quite interesting to conduct a very simple questionnaire about keys, in order to find out people’s favourites. Click here to access…
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