Month: August 2010

All in the mind – The role of auralisation within the compositonal process of Sibelius generation composers – abstract

While the concept of imagining music is well established, the term auralisation has not been previously used to describe the process. Although auralisation was a key compositional tool for composers throughout history, technological advances have resulted in software which can notate and play back a version of the score. Consequently, there is a strong possibility…
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Where are all the women..?

A while ago, I read a blog post by Justine Wallis about feminism, and the fact that feminists are a dying breed. It’s an interesting statement – females and males aren’t yet considered completely equal in society (although, of course, the situation is a lot better than it used to be), and yet the issue…
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Auralisation: an introduction

Over the next five years, I will be focusing my research on the topic of auralisation: the art, or skill, of imagining music. Therefore, I feel a brief introduction is in order. Auralisation is a term I created in order to encompass many previous terms, including mental music imagery, aural imagery, and musical imagination. It…
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