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Phases of the Moon (mezzo sop + pno) online

I’m pleased to finally be able to share the first of four new settings of Elinor Wylie texts – Phases of the Moon. As this piece is so new, I’ve uploaded a version with audio rendered in Dorico so you can get a taste of it! Buy the score from Payhip: Keep an eye…
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The art of the art song – Cracked Voices blog

As part of Cracked Voices, I’ll be uploading regular blog posts. Click here to read my post on the art of the art song – a brief introduction into this fantastic form of composition.

Shadows and copycats

The second movement of the string quartet is based around a collection of playground games with the same concept: mimickry. Be it following the leader or learning a dance routine, this kind of shadowing routine occurs frequently in the playground. Knowing I wanted a slow yet detailed texture, my initial thoughts were to draw from…
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String Quartet – Movement 3 – Stuck in the Mud (a working title!)

When I was first analysing string quartets I fell in love with some of Bartok’s string quartets- in particular, the concept of the Allegretto pizzicato from his fourth string quartet. I adore the sound of pizzicato, and thought this was an interesting concept that I would be interested in exploring when I were to write…
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On compiling a text

The wonderful Caitlin Rowley wrote a few months ago about writing her own text for her piece Breadcrumbs. At the time I thought the concept of crafting my own text was very far off and difficult, and thought she was being very daring and creative. I’ve always played it rather safe when it comes to…
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