Month: October 2010

Please work for us – but we’re not going to pay you!

Now, don’t get me wrong. The concept of working for free can be an interesting one. It can help build up your skills, your show reel and help develop your career. I’m not here to rant about the idea in general – in certain situations it makes sense, and can benefit both composers and film…
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The future for classical concerts?

This week, Peter Culshaw of the Telegraph discussed the use of images in classical concerts – in relation to one concert in particular, ‘The Planets – An HD Odyssey’ performed by the Houston Symphony. Its seven sections are accompanied by stunning high definition pictures of the corresponding planets, in all their glory. Is this the…
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Jumping head first into the real world

Apologies for not blogging for so long – it’s been a busy few weeks. I have a list of topics I want to blog about, that is becoming longer by the day, but alas so does my to do list, which tends to take priority. Since my last post, lots has changed. Firstly, I am…
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