Month: September 2015

CP2015 – Playing with lines

Although my aim throughout my creative pact is to look at solo pieces, I’ve had a couple of texts floating about that I have been intending to set for some time. Over the last couple of days some ideas have appeared for those, so I’ve played around with them – though, sticking true to the…
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CP2015: Nature and trees

I took a day off of writing scribbles to spend time with lots of fabric! I’ve finally made some musical curtains for my studio – desperately needed now the weather’s getting colder and I’m working in there later. Last autumn/winter I didn’t spend much time in there from October to January, so missed the worst…
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CP2015: Days 13 and 14

Yesterday I had possibly my most compositionally creative day of my creative pact yet. A page full of sketches and ideas, originally intended to be for ‘woodwind’ but now most definitely for oboe. I also managed to potentially set a couple of lines from a poem I’ve had floating around for a while (about a…
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CP2015 – The last few days

Over the last few days I’ve had less time to spend on my Creative Pact, but nevertheless I’ve managed to average a new idea a night. Some are notated in Sibelius, and some are a mere few bars on scrabbly bits of paper, but they’re there none the less. Two of my favourites from the…
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CP2015: Days 3, 5 and 6

Apologies for the lack of updates – it’s been rather busy few days! Day three was a productive day, with a couple of scribbles – one bassy serialist idea, with a time signature alternating between 7/8 and 4/4 – about 12 bars in length. I’m not normally a fan of alternating time signatures so this…
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