September 1st – away we go! Tonight I’ve had to spend time tidying up a couple of scores, but beforehand I set aside a chunk of time to start working on my Creative Pact project.

After seeing a stunning rainbow broken up by a willow earlier today, I expected the majority of my scribblings tonight would be about that. A few were, potentially for ‘cello or bassoon – however, they were then overtaken for something quite different, potentially for solo violin. A powerful yet short snippet in G minor ish, which sounds like it could be an interesting introduction to a piece, with fragments of where it could go in it.

Listening to more music and finding inspirational images are also important parts of my creative pact this year. I’ve started a collection of images on Pinterest (which I’ll share later!). The listening will have to wait until I’ve finished the current batch of scores I’m tidying over the next few days.


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