Month: April 2011

The problem of artistic style

Any artists emerging in the world today have a bit of an issue to confront. In the past, there were so many taboo areas of art (be it visual, theatre or music), that they had boundaries to break, which is what they did. However, today’s artists aren’t presented with such boundaries. I think this can…
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Study for two violins and two violas

My previous post was about how I ‘find’ my ideas, and the techniques I use to do so. As you can probably tell, I’m not one who has a lack of ideas. That’s not to say they’re all good ideas, but nevertheless, the initial sparks come easily. When ideas come quite readily, you’re faced with…
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How to begin?

No matter what our profession, we all have the same dilemma at one point or another: how do we begin? Whether it’s an artist staring at a blank canvas, a programmer staring at an empty coding screen, or a writer with a blank notepad. I’m also sure that it’s a question many other people get…
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