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Word painting – the musical Easter egg (Cracked Voices blog)

Computer programmes and video games often include Easter eggs – little intentional secrets, inside messages or secrets to be found by the users and players. I’ve always thought of word painting (in the musical sense!) somewhat in the same way.   When related to text, word painting is all about the use of highly descriptive…
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The blurred lines of music, science and nature

I’ve always felt there were blurred lines between music and nature, as nature seems to be where I get my most instinctive compositional urges – inspiration, ideas and snippets of music. If I’m not feeling particularly creative and am in need of inspiration, a walk out in the world will normally restore my mind more…
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Taking the time to be creative for yourself.

As artists, we tend to work slightly crazy hours, and never really switch off. For the majority of practitioners, it’s not for the money, the prospects, or the security (ha!). It’s because it’s something we love. It’s a good job we love it, too, as we tend to work such long hours. In the majority of cases, artists have…
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Why doesn’t C sound like D?

I’m talking about keys of course – not the notes themselves! We all have favourite scales and keys. My current ones seem to have tonic notes between C and E flat. Why is that? Why, when we tend to use an equally tempered scale, does one scale sound differently to us than another? There are…
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To excerpt, or not to excerpt?

In the modern musical world, there are so many different elements music creators have to juggle in every element of their work. Once the final piece has been sculpted, however, another question arises: How do you share it? After the last series of blog posts I uploaded, containing excerpts from Scenes from a Train, I…
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