Month: March 2017

Setting the scene – musically! (Cracked Voices blog)

A very simple instruction that has been issued to many a composition student over the years. I remember this being said, and the mixed response from my peers. Some had a song writing background and instinctively leapt in that direction, others took a more analytical approach and began looking at strong and weak beats, stresses…
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Circular Musings to be performed at the London Festival of Contemporary Church Music

I’m excited to be able to share that my work Circular Musings for solo organ has been scheduled for performance in this year’s London Festival of Contemporary Church Music on Sunday 7th May at St Pancras Church at 10am. More details to follow when the festival’s brochure for this year is available. For more information…
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The art of the art song – Cracked Voices blog

As part of Cracked Voices, I’ll be uploading regular blog posts. Click here to read my post on the art of the art song – a brief introduction into this fantastic form of composition.