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Why doesn’t C sound like D?

I’m talking about keys of course – not the notes themselves! We all have favourite scales and keys. My current ones seem to have tonic notes between C and E flat. Why is that? Why, when we tend to use an equally tempered scale, does one scale sound differently to us than another? There are…
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Building Blocks – Excerpts

Building Blocks is one of those pieces that, although destined as part of a suite of works, could easily work as a stand alone unit. When I couldn’t stop hearing the beginnings of Building Blocks in my head, I knew I had to get working on it. In previous posts I have written about my…
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After D: What about the other keys?

My last post was all about D major and D minor – and why, out of the most popular keys, it appeared to be the most popular of all (see my survey results post for the results of my key signature survey). D had EQ frequency ratios closest to those of JI for the perfect…
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There’s something about D major/minor..

A couple of weeks ago, I posted my survey results about key signatures, sharps and flats. The data drew me to the conclusion that there’s something special about both D major and minor that draws us to them. Armed with this theory, I sought to investigate. For a long time, I’ve suspected that the reason…
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Some structural thoughts

Thank you for the interesting thoughts on my sharps and flats research. I am currently in the midst of the next phase: trying to work out why D major and minor (and D dorian?) are the most popular scales. Hopefully it won’t be too long until I share more of my thoughts and findings with…
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