Over the last few days I’ve had less time to spend on my Creative Pact, but nevertheless I’ve managed to average a new idea a night. Some are notated in Sibelius, and some are a mere few bars on scrabbly bits of paper, but they’re there none the less. Two of my favourites from the last few days are playing with the intervals between triadic chords, and descending flurries of three against two on the piano, with the right hand overtaking the left.

I’ve also been deliberately taking some time away from creating new ideas to play piano. Definitely something I need to do more of!

When we reach the half way point in the month in a couple of days’ time, although I’ll be playing with new material still (still aiming roughly for a short scribble – if only four bars – a night), I’ll also start pulling apart some of the previous ideas and stretching them into longer scribble pieces.

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