Yesterday I had possibly my most compositionally creative day of my creative pact yet. A page full of sketches and ideas, originally intended to be for ‘woodwind’ but now most definitely for oboe. I also managed to potentially set a couple of lines from a poem I’ve had floating around for a while (about a year!), destined to be an unaccompanied SATB piece eventually.

Today has seen another productive day, this time with a two scribbles for piano, marimba or harp. One I think will remain as piano, but the other is beginning to sound more tempting mentally on marimba. We’ll have to see where they head! Today I also found time to watch/listen to Tansy Davies’ new work at this year’s Proms, Re-greening, which I enjoyed, and also listened to some Nielsen. I found both very therapeutic on a grey Monday morning, and also quite a hark back to my days as a postgraduate student, where we seemed to listen to a lot of Nielsen (a favourite of one of our lecturers), and Tansy Davies was the external examiner for my recital.


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