On Friday, I had my final MMus composition recital. The same recital, incidentally, which has been the reason for my blogging absence over the past few weeks.

The final recital on Friday afternoon, entitled ‘Fragments of Java’, was full of a variety of music for different instrumentation, including orchestra, harp trio and violin and electronics (recorded), solo piano, oboe and slendro gendér, and five timpani and piano.

The resulting tracks – and hopefully some video clips – should appear on the website in the next few days. However, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my three lovely performers (Emma Stoffer, Joanne Houghton and Eunmee Lim), and all that attended, for making it the event it was!

Central to the recital were a number of themes. The influence of Javanese gamelan music was an important element, alongside calmness, serenity and meditation – all themes that appear to be emerging throughout my work. Perhaps a topic for another day.

Now, however, it is time to start afresh. I have numerous ideas and commissions awaiting my attention – some personal, others requested. If anyone has any project suggestions or requests (particularly if you’re a performer, in search of some music!), I’d be happy to oblige – drop me an email or post a comment here, or on Twitter. I’ve got quite a few solo (molody) and duets lined up, and would be happy to add to the list. When I’ve established which projects I’m working on first, I’m planning on putting up time lines on the blog, both to keep myself working on them, and to keep anyone interested in them informed as to how they are progressing. At the moment I think my first projects will be a multi-tempi piece for clarinet (and clarinet, and clarinet…), another harp trio piece, and a marimba piece – but that may change…

I also have a research project to complete, on compositional practice, which should be fascinating – I have collected all my data, but I haven’t had a chance to analyse it as of yet!


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