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Shadoworks, the ‘flu and the mind..

On Thursday I’m off to see LS Collective’s ‘Shadoworks’ at the Queen Elizabeth Hall. Really looking forward to it – and will post a review up here afterwards. A couple of days ago, I posted a link on Twitter to this article on the BBC, discussing links between the creative mind and the schizophrenic mind.…
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A busy few weeks

I’ve been neglecting the blog a little, due to the tremendous amounts of work I’ve had to do, alongside redesigning . Once I’ve settled with and launched the final redesign, this place will get a spring clean too, to fit with the new theme. Exciting! Yesterday I had two works recorded. My work for…
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A familiar scene

John Adams’ blog post today about the ‘Composition Masterclass’ is all too familiar. I’ve sat in countless a masterclass, run by many an educator. The best were when many composers were present, adding their own comments, as well as insightful individuals leading the proceedings, who were thoughtful and considerate in both their praise and criticism…
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A blog for all seasons

As is customary, I will start with an introductory post! I am a composer and arranger based in East London, UK. I love music – obviously – and I’m also a bit of a technological geek. I’m currently completing my MMus in composition at Trinity College of Music, Greenwich. I play quite a few instruments…
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