As is customary, I will start with an introductory post! I am a composer and arranger based in East London, UK. I love music – obviously – and I’m also a bit of a technological geek. I’m currently completing my MMus in composition at Trinity College of Music, Greenwich. I play quite a few instruments (jack of all trades, master of none..), but the piano is my main instrument, followed closely by the oboe and the saxophone. I also play the Javanese gamelan.

I tend to have a few pieces on the go at any one time. At the moment I’m actively working on four pieces: one for the Orgelbuchlein project, another for a violin electronica concert (violin and cd), a solo piano work, and a piece for five timpani and piano.

So.. that’s me. You can find brief samples of my work on my website – I’m always open to commissions (for any medium at the moment – I’m in an experimental stage!) so please feel free to contact me. I can provide you with full samples of work on request – but they’re only available on my secure site. I’m hoping to use this blog to give lovely readers a sneak peek of new bits and pieces I’m working on.

Now.. to share with you my current favourite form of procrastination. I’ve been ill for the past few days, and whilst my head’s been full of cotton wool, I’ve found it difficult to actively work on pieces for an extended period of time. That’s where Molly comes in. Molly is a wild barn owl who has set up home in an owl box in San Marcos, CA, USA. She’s currently sitting on five eggs that could hatch any day..! Beautiful, very interesting – but addictive to watch. Now I’m feeling better, I need to tear myself away…!

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