I’ve been neglecting the blog a little, due to the tremendous amounts of work I’ve had to do, alongside redesigning jennipinnock.com . Once I’ve settled with and launched the final redesign, this place will get a spring clean too, to fit with the new theme. Exciting!

Yesterday I had two works recorded. My work for the Orgelbuchlein project was performed in the Old Royal Naval College Chapel as part of the London Festival of Contemporary Church Music. Then, that afternoon, my piece Surakartan Haze for orchestra was workshopped and recorded as part of TCM’s SCOW series. Both went very well – thanks to everyone involved. Hopefully the recordings will surface soon, and I’ll be able to add them to the media player on my new website.

Today is a day of completion. By the end of the day, my scores for my portfolio will be complete – give or take a few tweaks here and there, which may be discovered during rehearsals. Therefore.. time for some new projects! I’m planning on spreading myself between traditional film scoring, sound on film and more classical writing for my next few works. Anyone got any commissions..?!

On a side note, I just watched David Cameron and Nick Clegg’s joint press conference. It will be interesting to see how it all works out. Anyone know what’s going to happen to arts funding as a result of a Con-Dem government..? Obviously we can expect it to be scaled back, as with everything, but to what extent..?


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