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String Quartet – Movement 3 – Stuck in the Mud (a working title!)

When I was first analysing string quartets I fell in love with some of Bartok’s string quartets- in particular, the concept of the Allegretto pizzicato from his fourth string quartet. I adore the sound of pizzicato, and thought this was an interesting concept that I would be interested in exploring when I were to write…
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Creating an a cappella story: Blog post on The Sampler

I’ve written a blog post for The Sampler Blog about Quangle Quadrille, in advance of its premiere on Saturday.

Adopt a Composer blog post: My final workshop with the Quangle Wangles

My final Adopt a Composer blog post can be found on the Adopt a Composer blog.

String Quartet – Movement 1 – Hopscotch

It’s been a whirlwind few weeks (months!) here, hence the lack of updates. Since the beginning of the year, I’ve visited the Quangle Wangle Choir three times, and the score has just been sent off to the printers. In between I’ve finished a few other projects, including a suite of three piano pieces, one of…
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Quangle Quadrille of the skies – an Adopt a Composer post

My latest blog post about Adopt a Composer – Quangle Quadrille of the skies – can be found on Making Music’s Adopt a Composer blog.