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On compiling a text

The wonderful Caitlin Rowley wrote a few months ago about writing her own text for her piece Breadcrumbs. At the time I thought the concept of crafting my own text was very far off and difficult, and thought she was being very daring and creative. I’ve always played it rather safe when it comes to…
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A Quangle adventure

My latest blog post for the Adopt a Composer project, A Quangle adventure, can be read here. I had a wonderful time at the Quangle Wangle Choir’s workshop. We’ve now narrowed down the theme of the piece, and are working on the text. More updates as the piece progresses..!

The blurred lines of music, science and nature

I’ve always felt there were blurred lines between music and nature, as nature seems to be where I get my most instinctive compositional urges – inspiration, ideas and snippets of music. If I’m not feeling particularly creative and am in need of inspiration, a walk out in the world will normally restore my mind more…
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