Apologies for not blogging for so long – it’s been a busy few weeks. I have a list of topics I want to blog about, that is becoming longer by the day, but alas so does my to do list, which tends to take priority.

Since my last post, lots has changed. Firstly, I am officially no longer a student! The main realisation of this came when I lost access to my Athens account a few days ago – I feel somewhat lost without the ability to log into Grove Music Online whenever I want. I received my final marks back, and now officially have an MMus with Merit, which I am very pleased about – although it’s still slightly surreal.

What with no longer being a student, the real world beckons – the world of work. Naturally, this is often something music graduates struggle to find places in if they want to do something musical, what with the seemingly larger number of musical graduates for the positions available. However, I’m slowly forging a career path, including teaching, engraving, transcribing, editing and composing. I am currently particularly excited about the editing – if all goes to plan hopefully my first edited scores will be available later in the year. More about that some other time!

Composition wise, I have several projects lined up (some personal, others in collaboration) which I’m excited about. Sadly I’ve not had all that much time to work on any of them over the past month, but I’m looking forward to getting back to it this week. I managed to get a lot done over the summer, but spread it over lots of projects and ideas – so my hard drive is now full of sketches and scraps of material, ready to be developed into something exciting.

My next post will probably summarise the results of my auralisation research, which formed a large chunk of my MMus degree. I am looking forward to taking it forward, in the form of a PhD – beginning hopefully either later this academic year, or at the beginning of the next. The research proposal is complete, so I’m now enjoying a leisurely study of relevant texts and literature based on and around the topic, so I am as prepared as possible for whenever I am able to officially begin the research.

Time to get back to work, as I have some worksheets to make for my keyboard students. Keeping away from the tutor books for as long as I can – that’s another topic for another day…

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