Earlier this year I was delighted to be able to play a small part in a wider collaborative project with writer Graham Palmer and artist Stacey Leigh Ross on the life of Roger Britten.

Whilst researching something else, Graham stumbled across Roger Britten. Mostly forgotten now, he was one of Royston’s first black residents, and helped found the Royston Crow newspaper. Graham made it his mission to remember Roger and uncover more about his life. For more information on his life read Graham’s research on the Herts Memories website.

In a pair of workshops, the Boyz Choir first wrote the lyrics for their new song with Graham, before working with me to create the music. They premiered the song at the finale of this year’s Royston Arts Festival, and are heading to the recording studio this week.

Come along to Royston and District Museum on Saturday 5th October, 2pm to find out more about Roger Britten, to see Stacey Leigh Ross’s new artwork interpreting his life, to see the printing press Roger operated and to hear the King James Academy Boyz Choir performing the song they wrote about him. Thanks to Graham Palmer for organising the project, and to Creative Royston for supporting it.


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