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Celestial Utterances (for solo woodwind) on Payhip

Happy new year! In the madness of Christmas I forgot to post about a piece of mine now available on Payhip. Celestial Utterances is a suite of six short pieces for solo upper woodwind instruments (though I suppose it could be solo high anything you fancy playing it on!). Below are a few excerpts I…
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Flurries (for solo piano) now available on Payhip!

Flurries – a short work for solo piano – is now available on Payhip! Click here to be taken to the product page. Swirls of snow falling, spiralling across the garden. Sudden gusts of wind catch them off guard, causing them to twist and turn, making shapes in their flight path. The fall occasionally grows…
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Results and reflections – Creative Pact 2015

September has come and gone, and so has my Creative Pact 2015! For those who have missed my (somewhat intermittent) posts, I set myself the challenge of scribbling some new music every day for the course of the month. Why? Well, August seemed to be a bit taken up with tidying up scores, redrafting and…
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The trials and tribulations of naming pieces

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet” – Shakespeare Naming pieces is always a tricky area. Some title pieces before they’ve even written them, others spend ages searching for the perfect short description after they’ve completed it. Some prefer generic, potentially historical titles, while…
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Shadows and copycats

The second movement of the string quartet is based around a collection of playground games with the same concept: mimickry. Be it following the leader or learning a dance routine, this kind of shadowing routine occurs frequently in the playground. Knowing I wanted a slow yet detailed texture, my initial thoughts were to draw from…
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