I currently find myself in limbo: lectures have finished, but coursework hasn’t. Still, this means more time at home to work on both college and non-college projects, and to do some baking as well (my favourite form of distraction). I have a couple of new personal projects to start, which I will discuss on here shortly, as well as some potential collaborations in the pipe line, which are very exciting.

As someone embarking on a professional in the music business, I can’t help but speculate about the nature of the arts in London at the moment. It seems (to me at least), that the visual arts are much more highly favoured and rated than the aural arts. Works of contemporary art sell for thousands, and there are galleries and displays constantly, meaning it is somewhat easier for the young professional visual artist to kick start their careers. What of music, though? Although there is, of course, new music in London, it’s not present to the same extent as contemporary art.

There is, in my opinion, room for change and improvement. I wonder if perhaps the unease towards contemporary music has been established through the thought that all contemporary music is from the new complexity schools – meaning that new audiences are apprehensive, with the mindset that entire contemporary concerts would be made up of that genre of ‘new’ music – when in reality, the world of contemporary music is as wide ranging as that of contemporary art, if not more so.

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