Over the next five years, I will be focusing my research on the topic of auralisation: the art, or skill, of imagining music. Therefore, I feel a brief introduction is in order.

Auralisation is a term I created in order to encompass many previous terms, including mental music imagery, aural imagery, and musical imagination. It refers to all forms of musical imagination – including getting songs stuck in your head.

There has been a variety of previous research conducted with relation to auralisation (under different titles) – from fields including psychology, cognitive science and neuroscience alongside music. However, none of these studies have focused on how auralisation relates to composition, which is where my research is focused. I have already conducted one study, and I will be publishing a summary of my findings here shortly. Throughout the research period, I will use this medium to write short articles and outline and summarise my projects and findings.

If you wish to find out more about auralisation, please feel free to contact me.

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