Last night was the official premiere of Quangle Quadrille at the Quangle Wangle Choir‘s concert at Weymouth Bay Methodist Church. A lovely venue for a wonderful concert. The whole programme, including readings, small group performances and full choir numbers was framed around the topics of birds and nature – topics that the Quangles themselves chose for our Adopt a Composer collaboration.

BBC Radio 3 recorded the whole event, as well as interviewing a group of us (including Juliet and choir members). The recording of Quangle Quadrille will be broadcast at some point in the new year!  For photos of the event please see either my Facebook page, or the Quangle Wangle Choir’s Facebook page.

I’d like to thank the entire team behind Adopt a Composer, including Sound and Music, Making Music (and Ben who joined us on Saturday!), PRS Foundation, BBC Radio 3 (Tony and Phil in particular) and my mentor Colin Riley for helping support me throughout the project.  Most importantly, I’d like to thank the Quangle Wangles – and particular their musical director Juliet Harwood – for the hours of dedicated workshopping and practicing they put in in order to make our collaboration such a success.


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