Shameless promotion

I am currently in the midst of data analysis for a research project. The results are looking fascinating – expect a post about them soon! – but the whole process has scuppered my chances at composition over the past week. I have had the chance to begin my clarinet multi-tempi piece and a marimba piece……
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Time to reflect

On Friday, I had my final MMus composition recital. The same recital, incidentally, which has been the reason for my blogging absence over the past few weeks. The final recital on Friday afternoon, entitled ‘Fragments of Java’, was full of a variety of music for different instrumentation, including orchestra, harp trio and violin and electronics…
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So, what music do you like? (part 1)

Many a musician dreads the question “What music do you like?”, or “Who inspires you?”. This applies to all musicians, although it seems composers have a harder time – probably due to the myriad of music, art and culture that has intrinsically influenced their music. One genre that has hugely influenced my music is that…
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Cake, and the contemporary music scene

I currently find myself in limbo: lectures have finished, but coursework hasn’t. Still, this means more time at home to work on both college and non-college projects, and to do some baking as well (my favourite form of distraction). I have a couple of new personal projects to start, which I will discuss on here…
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Dancing between sound worlds

Thursday was undoubtedly a surreal day. Firstly, I had a class with, and subsequently met, Christian Wolff- whose compositional ideas and aesthetics were fascinating. In the evening, I headed to the South Bank, to the LSO Collective’s Shadoworks production. There can be no doubt that it was an evening of full on contemporary music –…
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