Work for Javanese gamelan and string quartet

One of my aims this year is to share far more of my music. I will be using this blog in conjunction with Soundcloud to present a few snippets of music I’m working on, or that have been lurking in dark corners of my hard drive for far too long. One of the pieces I…
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Creative presentation

I’ve always been one for presenting my work in unique yet professional ways. I have just completed a work for chamber orchestra, entitled ‘Circles’. Below is the first draft of the programme notes. Hoping to post a few snippets of the piece soon, along with some bits and pieces I’ve stumbled across from last year,…
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Words of inspiration

I often find myself inspired by the words of others. Quite often I find that these inspirational phrases just pop up when looking for something entirely different – as if there to help mentally refocus and refresh you. During my undergraduate days, I used to spend a lot of time in the library, researching something…
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2011.. here we go.

2011 is upon us. New year is traditionally a time for new years resolutions, which are normally broken before the first month’s up. Whilst I was drawing up a list of goals for the year ahead, but I realised that, musically at least, they could all be summed up very simply. I want to be…
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Fighting the cuts: will music education survive?

The tagline of this article on Charlotte Higgins’ culture blog on the Guardian’s website is depressing, to say the least: ‘Looming cuts to university arts and humanities departments destroy the consensus that the arts have inherent value’. The consequences are already beginning to show. Few musicians I have worked, played and studied with are continuing…
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