Category: Composition

Summer Rain – a final few notes

A couple of weeks ago, I posted some notes about Summer Rain – a semi-structured piece I had almost finished. True to my word, here are my final notes! Layout One of the first key problems with this score that I picked up on as I was writing the post, was that of layout. My…
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Work for Javanese gamelan and string quartet

One of my aims this year is to share far more of my music. I will be using this blog in conjunction with Soundcloud to present a few snippets of music I’m working on, or that have been lurking in dark corners of my hard drive for far too long. One of the pieces I…
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Creative presentation

I’ve always been one for presenting my work in unique yet professional ways. I have just completed a work for chamber orchestra, entitled ‘Circles’. Below is the first draft of the programme notes. Hoping to post a few snippets of the piece soon, along with some bits and pieces I’ve stumbled across from last year,…
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Girl Guiding UK

Just a quick post to point my lovely readers in the direction of a project I recently took part in, which has just been uploaded to the internet. Creative Orchestra commissioned several composers to write a soundtrack to a video for Girl Guiding UK . It’s a powerful video, and an important cause. I’ve just…
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A busy few weeks

I’ve been neglecting the blog a little, due to the tremendous amounts of work I’ve had to do, alongside redesigning . Once I’ve settled with and launched the final redesign, this place will get a spring clean too, to fit with the new theme. Exciting! Yesterday I had two works recorded. My work for…
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