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Shadows and copycats

The second movement of the string quartet is based around a collection of playground games with the same concept: mimickry. Be it following the leader or learning a dance routine, this kind of shadowing routine occurs frequently in the playground. Knowing I wanted a slow yet detailed texture, my initial thoughts were to draw from…
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Molecular musical madness – the APO commission

Back in mid July, I was delighted to be announced as the winner of the Aldworth Philharmonic Orchestra’s Young Composers Award. My vision for the piece was to reflect on the irrevocable changes that climate change is bringing about in all our lives, whether we notice them or not. A theme that is currently dominating…
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String Quartet – Movement 3 – Stuck in the Mud (a working title!)

When I was first analysing string quartets I fell in love with some of Bartok‚Äôs string quartets- in particular, the concept of the Allegretto pizzicato from his fourth string quartet. I adore the sound of pizzicato, and thought this was an interesting concept that I would be interested in exploring when I were to write…
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Creating an a cappella story: Blog post on The Sampler

I’ve written a blog post for The Sampler Blog about Quangle Quadrille, in advance of its premiere on Saturday.

Adopt a Composer blog post: My final workshop with the Quangle Wangles

My final Adopt a Composer blog post can be found on the Adopt a Composer blog.