Those Who Wait


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Those Who Wait is an art song from the Cracked Voices song cycle, set for soprano, clarinet in A and piano written by Graham Palmer and Jenni Pinnock.

Programme note
“Servandus son of the Spaniard willingly fulfilled his vow to the goddess”

Many hundreds of miles from home, one man makes his offering to Senuna. We know nothing more than his name, which means both the person who watches over things and the preserver. His voice has long been silenced.

In 2002 a metal detector bleeps. Alan Meek has chanced upon a horde of votive gifts. Carefully, he disinters Servandus’s offering and the goddess’s cracked and broken statuette from its hiding place at Ashwell End.

Senuna has not seen light of day for sixteen hundred years. Some say she is the Celtic equivalent of Roman Minerva, but her history is buried deep – a mystery, just like Servandus.