The Devil and the Draper



Text by Graham Palmer, setting by Jenni Pinnock
SAB choir and piano
Duration: Approx. 4 minutes in length
Date of composition: 2015

About The Devil and the Draper / Sidney Powell’s Shindy

Church Hill is a very special place. No one really knows how the hill got its name but there it sits, jutting out over a prehistoric pathway on the far west of Royston Heath. The mysterious set of banks at its base is known locally as the Hopscotch. People frightened their children in the past by telling them that if they hopped nine times round it, the devil would appear. Intrigued, Victorian archaeologists dug down into the top of the hill and discovered a stone-age burial chamber, complete with 6 ft. skeleton. Nearly sixty years later, Sidney Powell took his own life in the very same spot. It is now renowned for the beautiful Pasque flowers that bloom there every April.

This choral arrangement of The Devil and the Draper is an arrangement of the original art song from the Cracked Voices song cycle, a song cycle by Graham Palmer and Jenni Pinnock, funded by the Arts Council This work was originally scored for soprano, baritone and piano.

Digital score available soon – please get in touch for more details.