This song was written with the help of Edward Mallen’s family and celebrates his life. There is no charge for downloading the score, but please consider making a donation to the charity set up in his memory:

Earthrise is an art song from the Cracked Voices song cycle, set for baritone and piano by Graham Palmer and Jenni Pinnock.

Programme notes
There is an old French folktale. The kingfisher was created a muddy brown or grey bird, not colourful at all. When the flood came, it travelled with the other animals on the Ark and Noah released it at the same time as the dove to look for land. After being cooped up for so long, it was overjoyed by the sense of release. It flew so high that it scorched its breast on the sun and scraped the blue from the sky. Eventually it remembered it was meant to return with news of land and it flew down to find Noah. However, the Ark was gone and the kingfisher has been searching for it ever since.

Edward Mallen was an academically and musically gifted 18-year-old from Meldreth. He was curious about everything, tenacious and focused, and enjoyed travelling, playing cricket and birdwatching and often visited the hides at RSPB Fowlmere to watch the kingfishers. Given his wide knowledge and enquiring nature, he probably knew that it is the play of light on the kingfisher’s feathers that makes it appear blue. A joyous sight.

In February 2015, following the unexplained, rapid and catastrophic onset of depressive illness, Edward took his own life. His case highlighted the urgent need for training and investment in teenage mental wellbeing. In response, his family set up the MindEd trust to do just that.