Musical Distancing

Solo piano
Duration: Approx. 4 minutes in length
Date of composition: 2020

About Musical Distancing

Musical distancing was written as a response to social distancing. Seeing queues and people maintaining distance between each other makes you begin to think about the repercussions if everything had to survive like that. What about musical notes? Throughout this piece, notes maintain a minimum distance of a perfect fourth apart – whether they’re consecutive notes or chords.

As well as notational distancing, the piece follows the narrative of those going through social distancing at the moment: Moments of uncertainty and anxiety interspersed with tentative discovery of the beauty of the outside world, quiet walks and peaceful moments. There are moments of panic when encountering several other people at crossroads, and the inevitable dance-like shuffle that occurs while all attempt to adhere to distancing rules.

Digital score available soon.


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