SATB choir
Duration: Approx. 4 minutes in length
Date of composition: 2021

About Sea Longing

Sea Longing is a setting of a text of the same name by Sara Teasdale. Gentle musical waves flow through the piano part, echoed by the choir as they contemplate the sea thousands of miles away. Five beats in the bar – plus the occasional change in metre – give the waves an unpredictable feel to begin with, echoing the sea itself. As the piece grows the waves grows stronger,  as does the longing for the water and the intensity of the music. The waves then begin to lessen, with the choir imagining themselves drifting, before quietly contemplating their distance from the water once again.

Sea Longing was written in early 2021 and is approximately 4 minutes in length.

Digital score available soon – get in touch to request a copy.

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