Surakartan Haze (2010)

Instrumentation: Picc, fl1.2, ob1.2, cor, cl1.2.3, bsn1.2.3, hn1.2.3.4, tpt1.2, tbn1.2, btb, tba, timp, perc1.2, vln1.2, vla, vc, cb.
Duration: 5’30”
Date composed: Feb/March 2010

Surakartan Haze is based on a melody for Javanese gendér. A soft metallophone instrument, it usually plays elaborate patterns over the top of the main balungan (melody) line, blending into the texture of the gamelan. Surakartan Haze aims to explore the melody for its own merits.

The recording on the media player was performed by the Trinity Laban Symphony Orchestra in the a SCOW workshop in May 2010.

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